Total Product Management.

This means that we take total control of the purchasing and supply process, if we don't have a particular Vehicle available that you are after in our Japan stock we will find it and supply it to you. We will arrange the loading and shipping of your Vehicles for you, we will ensure you that your Vehicles will reach you in good condition and delivered with-in a reasonable time frame.

Web Site.

Take control of your business and register now on our web site, once you have a login you will see more.
You will be able to.

1/ View all our Vehicles that we have available for sale in NZ & Japan.
2/ Purchase a Vehicle from our stock in NZ or Japan.
3/ Place an order for a Vehicle that is not in our NZ or Japan stock.
4/ Request for a price and availability for a specific Vehicle / New or Used Part that you want to order from Japan.


The amount of Stock that you order is up to you, we cater for clients that only want one or two Vehicles per month to clients that want 10 - 50 Vehicles per month.

All our Vehicles in Japan will be displayed on our web site they will be priced FOB in Japanese Yen, an estimated landed total cost in NZ Dollars will also been shown next to the Japanese FOB yen price.

GTrading Japan will arrange shipping dates and shipping rates on your behalf, the payment for this will be paid by you directly to GTrading Japan.

Our Clients pay for their Vehicles that they purchase directly to our parent company in Japan, this reduces the amount of documents being processed and the risk of any mistakes.

We have several payment options available for our clients when they are purchasing their Vehicle Stock from Japan.

The payment options will be worked out on a volume basis which means we can offer longer payment terms to clients that purchase 8 or more Vehicles from Japan on a monthly basis.

The payment options will be discussed with the client on an Individual basis once we have established what your projected monthly volume will be.